Ventura has added the latest generation MT-10 and MT-10SP to its Evo System fitment list, providing much-needed carrying capacity for the stripped down street bikes.

Perfect for bikes with slim tails, like the MT, Ventura's Evo System adds minimal weight, doesn’t require unsightly racks like hard-luggage and is much less hassle than traditional soft bags.

Setting up is simple: just attach the tailor-made L-Brackets to existing mounting points on the subframe, slot on the Evo Rack and you’re done; you now have a stable and secure platform for a Pack.

Loading and unloading is easy too: Packs use a sleeve-fitting system so they just slide on and clip in place - no fiddly straps or cords, and no keys to lose. It also means they won't move around while riding.

Packs are aerodynamically-shaped for minimal impact on airflow, and come in a range of sizes - from a handy 12-litre day bag to a whopping 60-litre tour pack. They’re made from water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric, with wide openings, glove-friendly zip-pulls and other practical features.

When luggage isn’t needed the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-Brackets in place and the bike uncluttered. An optional Grab Handle (£25) can be fitted in its place for an extra practical touch.

A typical system, including L-Brackets and Evo Rack, plus the 22-litre Evo-22 Jet-Stream Pack, is just £450 Including VAT. Click HERE for details.

Owners of older MTs can also enjoy the Evo System, with a specific kit for 2016-2021 models. Click HERE for details.

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